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Re: DATV-Easy V1.0 >> Download V1.25

Post by Basil » Fri May 20, 2022 12:05 pm

Thanks for the speedy reply Dominique. I ended up fixing the missing .dll by manually placing it in C:/windows/system32

I had assumed it needed a 64 bit .dll, but to be honest I am not good with this sort of thing :)

The programme now launches and starts with no errors, but only the "LED" that lights is the right hand one. My Pluto is under the dish on an ethernet to USB adaptor and I don't think the application is seeing the (fixed IP address) Pluto. I know the notes say that USB over LAN is a work in progress, so I will wait to see how others get on with this. I may well be doing something wrong, but my Portsdown 4 sees it at the same IP address, so although I would like to give you useful feedback I am probably not the right person to give any opinion on this as I am a bit clueless, to say the least! ;)

Thanks for the fantastic contributions you are making, good luck, and best wishes.

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Re: DATV-Easy V1.0 >> Download V1.25

Post by F1EJP » Tue Jun 07, 2022 8:28 am

Hello basil,

If the left green LED stops there is a communication problem with Pluto.
Maybe installed firmware ? DATV-Easy works with manufacturer's firmware and some F5OEO firmware.
Have you installed the latest PlutoSDR-M2k-USB-Drivers.exe driver and libiio-0.23.gc14a0f8-Windows-setup.exe?
Ethernet is experimental.
If so, can you test with usb?

73 Dominique F1EJP

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DATV-Easy V2.00 >> Download V1.25

Post by F1EJP » Wed Jul 06, 2022 11:52 am


Here is the file that I had prepared for the HAM RADIO 2022 DATV Forum which was presented by Michel HB9DUG whom I thank again.

Current developments for version 2.00 are:
• Extension of frequencies from 10 to 6000 MHz
• Added Default frequency of 15 fsp
• Check “All Automatic” to choose the type of settings.
• Frequency and SR command by UDP request for use with software such as the longmynd client.
• Choice of directly ordering the latest F5OEO firmware without opening the browser (in Ethernet and UDP)
• Added manual PTT control of relays or digital outputs
• Direct UDP output to replace FreeStreamCoder

73 Dominique F1EJP
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