FreeStreamCoder Software to Generate Mpeg-TS Streams V2.50

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Re: FreeStreamCoder Software to Generate Mpeg-TS Streams V2.50

Post by Pa3fbx » Sat Jul 17, 2021 9:17 pm

Did some more testing but still gathering the results..

My setup works great but i could use the nvidea card directly in OBS so iám still looking for the benefits...

Installed it on 3 local systems witch had no Hardware H265 capabilities...
2 of the runs smooth and 1 is compleetly blocking the PC after start command..

Need to gather the data..

Also my I5 machine with 32gb ram gives problem wen i use the machine during transmittion on youtube...
But thats pretty hard on the CPU ...


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Re: FreeStreamCoder Software to Generate Mpeg-TS Streams V2.50

Post by Pa3fbx » Sun Jul 25, 2021 8:34 am

OK, a bit more results...
Still positive but.....

First off all. Its very nice and great to use for starters and those who have no Nvidia coding Hardware...
I have it running on a I5 with 32G Ram and Geforce 1050 Video card..
So i can use the nvidia as hardware coder out off OBS thru the recording option.
I am not using Portdown but go directly to Pluto with F5OEO dec 2020 firmware..
I am using 2 pluto's (1 on network to 70cm and 1 on USB tot QO100).

So what are my findings...
1. installing is a bitch because Avast virus controll really blockes it.
2. Some additional explenation for using the pluto output with the right IP and port adres could be usefull for the starters. EG and port 8282..
3. Than is runs smooth up to some lockups when i so some youtube or other video related stuff on the same computer. Something i did never experienced using OBS recording..
I can use only 1 encoder options depending on the computer i am running on.. eg. My PC is only Nvidia encoder option but other PCs who do not have Nvidia hardware is either soft or intel but again only 1 option working...
But i have not experience any lockups on soft encoder machines so far (over 5 installes done by me)..
4. Its great for starters for easy setting the transport stream size. And after setting it right you hardly get low or high null packets.. Mostly spot on..
5. Its really fast as i never got below 4 sec between transmitting and receiving back my own signal but with this tool i got in 333 with 3/4 fec as low as 2.5 sec over QO100...
6. I experienced a 500ms lipsink problem when using this 333 with 3/4 fec. and also found the 48ks audio option missing but 64ks is very nice...
when i use the recording option from OBS i got 8 sec delay but perfect lipsink...

So its a great tool and mutch more simple to use when changing transport stream settings..
I run the program in 2 seperate folders for the 2 pluto's making even more easy to switch.

I wonder why i cannot use the soft option on my PC and why i got the lockups when using the PC for internet/youtube and other things...

Best regards
Benno, PA3FBX

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