DATV-Express Project - July update report

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DATV-Express Project - July update report

Post by KenW6HHC » Mon Jul 31, 2017 9:30 pm

Charles G4GUO and the rest of the Project Team have decided to proceed with beta-releasing v1.25 of the DATV-Express-for-Windows code….even though only two alpha testers provide any feedback of their results (both positive). The Project Team had hoped to also hear from users in Japan using “Windows for Japan”. This new version cleans up a few problems:
• Should work with non-English versions of Windows (such as Japan, etc). This mainly applies to users of languages other than English and French. This change should now allow you to select video capture formats using non-English versions of Windows.
• Not all possible FEC rates are permitted for each type of digital modulation or protocol. The GUI had been trying to set illegal values (or no values at all).

Finally, The Windows beta software for v1.25 (and a more-detailed NOTES file…aka README) is now available on the normal
http://www.DATV-Express.com DOWNLOADS page.

Ken W6HHC reports that he has repaired the deleted download files for the
DATV-Express.com website. The project’s web server SAN Storage system had 3 drive failures at the same time during a power outage. The missing files (now restored) were mainly:
• Windows download software releases (linux .DEB files somehow not affected)
• User Guides
• TechTalk articles on DATV
• Open Source DATV-Express hardware files - like schematics, specs, and BOM

Art WA8RMC continued to “hack away” and electrically re-design for a smaller/cheaper PCBA for the MiniTiouner V2 designed by Jean Pierre F6DZP. So far, Art has finished a draft of a schematic in AutoCAD and layout a draft of a PCB with placement and routing in AutoCAD. The next step after a design review will be to turn over to Tom WB6P to capture and do a gerber producing PCB layout with PADs/Designer DX. The goal is to have an assembled-and-tested version of the MiniTiouner-V2 that could be sold to hams for less than US$100+shipping (+VAT where applicable).

Charles G4GUO reports that he has now finalized on using PIC as the micro to allow interfacing the Express-Frequency-Extender concept add-on-board to the DATV-Express board (see June Project Report for details). The PIC code is running and Charles is currently obtaining RF amplifier samples from MiniCircuits.

“Project speed set to back-burner”
…. de Ken W6HHC

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