Knucker Case

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Knucker Case

Post by g4hiz » Thu Apr 08, 2021 10:54 am

Dear all,

I finished my Knucker DVB-T receiver last week. Width-wise, the receiver PCB is a nice fit in a Hammond 1455 box but I chose a longer version (160mm) than the minimum necessary, in order to allow a bit of space for connector manipulation. For the RF input, a bodged (cut down) F-type is used, which then goes to a wireable BNC connector on the rear panel. For the USB connection, a type B connector on the rear panel connects internally to the USB module via a USB-A/USB-Mini cable (a bit long in my case, but it works). I have included a switch on the rear panel to control the DC to the RF i/p port, which may be useful if a remote LNA is deemed necessary. An LED on the front panel indicates if the RF DC is on and another shows that 12V is on.

The sensitivity of the Knucker seems very good, having been designed I assume, for direct connection to a TV aerial.

I tested the receiver in the shack whilst transmitting from my car using the o/p of the Portsdown. Reception was good for a few yards, until the Tx battery conked out! Was this the first mobile operation, I wonder?

A word of caution on re-chargeable batteries, if you haven't checked them recently due to the lockdown - I recommend to do so now. I now have a number of dead-looking batteries ready for disposal.

Good luck with the Knucker, another excellent project, and many thanks to all the team responsible for bringing it to fruition.

73 all
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Re: Knucker Case

Post by G0LJF » Sat Nov 20, 2021 2:56 pm

Same here but in the standard MT sized Hammond case:

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Apologies for crocodile clips - not my usual thing. I do make up proper power cables (eventually), and croc. clips don't work well at 2.4 GHz.

73, Mike

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