BATC bursary - GB3NQ 2 carrier Tx approved

Details of the bursaries provided by the BATC
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BATC bursary - GB3NQ 2 carrier Tx approved

Post by g8gtz » Mon Jul 17, 2023 8:49 am

The following application has been approved:

Date of application: 02/14/2023

Project description: We are very happy with the current build of GB3NQ with its 2Ms/s 1080p output and the activity since it's upgrade is growing with more stations transmitting through it and many more receiving it. It has come to light quite a few stations simply are unable to get the signal and are reliant on the web stream to watch GB3NQ. As you know Cornwall is a very hilly terrain and it is becoming evident the stations currently able to see GB3NQ are on the side or top of a hill and those struggling are not.
So we though why not have two outputs our current HD wide band and a narrow band with aggressive FEC to try to overcome the terrain issues. It also opens the door for more distant stations to receive GB3NQ when conditions are favourable, although this is not the main reason for the second output.
Having been active on QO-100 I have tested the concept and am staggered quite how little signal is required for narrow band transmissions and whilst the proposed 2nd output may not completely get the signal to all locations in Cornwall it is our expectation it may well be very successful. At the time of application we have a rough idea of the signal settings but we can adjust these remotely using the remote access we have to our transmitter site to get the best compromise signal. Our main hope is to include sound as well as the video in the transport stream.

Benefits to ATV community: As stated above better local coverage for radio amateurs living in 'shaded' rf locations due to the terrain in Cornwall.
Useful learning tool to understand the relationship between signal coverage, bandwidth, FEC etc. Additionally gain knowledge to how to mix two DATV RF signals and setup the amplifiers to create a clean workable transmission.
In order to receive this some building work will be required by the amateurs such as MiniTioune, Ryde etc which the group members are happy to support our community to achieve, another learning opportunity and sales of BATC kit!
As stated above the remote access pushes open the door for experimentation on this second carrier for differing data rates, FEC and encoding H264 vs H265 - a very useful teaching tool for the amateurs here to understand the make up of DATV signals. We can hold live sessions each week setting the transmitter differently to show the affect this has on the received signals.
Potential reception from distant stations, we have a station in Guernsey who is line of sight to the repeater but is struggling to get the current signal.

Total amount of funding requested: £267.60

Details of costs / items: Pluto £198 + VAT = £237.60
Ethernet Adaptor £10 + VAT = £12
PSU £8
Combiner £10
Any other cables etc we will fund via Mid Cornwall Beacon and Repeater Group

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Re: BATC bursary - GB3NQ 2 carrier Tx approved

Post by G6MNJ » Mon Jan 15, 2024 1:09 pm

I never got an email about this!!

I presume the offer still stands?

Paul G6MNJ

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Re: BATC bursary - GB3NQ 2 carrier Tx approved

Post by g8gtz » Tue Jan 16, 2024 9:26 am

Certainly does!


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