ARIS - Project PICCARD - approved

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ARIS - Project PICCARD - approved

Post by g8gtz » Mon Feb 22, 2021 5:49 pm

The following application has been approved:

Date of application: 12/18/2020

Project description: We are a space initiative from ETH Zürich. Around 45 Students develop a student designed hybrid rocket to compete at the Spaceport America Cup 2021 in New Mexico. As part of the Avionics section we want to have a video live stream of two onboard cameras. For that we would need your proven MiniTioune Receiver for our ground station. The rocket will reach an apogee of around 20'000ft and will reach supersonic speeds. We also design a tracker which is able to track the rocket with high gain antennas.

Benefits to ATV community: Very interesting platform to promote amateur TV to future top engineers around the world. Further there will be interesting reports including pictures and videos from a rocket launch to publish in magazines like the BATC CQ-TV or other amateur radio magazines. In addition there can be knowledge transfer for using the receiver in a supersonic rocket launch.

We have a really tight project plan and the first big test will be our maiden flight in mid April. The Spaceport America Cup will then be in mid June 2021. But I can explain it in more detail in the presentation.
The live stream is not a mission critical part. So the risk exists, that we have to scrap it for weight reasons or so. But currently the goal is to have it on the rocket to also have something the other teams didn't achieved until now.

Total amount of funding requested: around 350 punds

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