New Update 202008230 For the Ryde Receiver

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New Update 202008230 For the Ryde Receiver

Post by G8GKQ » Sun Aug 23, 2020 8:04 pm

I have just released the latest update for the Ryde Receiver which introduces the ability to scan up to 4 SRs and and up to 4 frequencies.

When you start the software after the update you will not notice anything different. To start scanning, you need to go into the console menu (log in by ssh and type menu), select Defaults, and then “Scan SRs” or “Scan Freqs”. Enter your start-up scan settings. Once you start the receiver, you will be able to adjust the settings in the on-screen menu. However, these on-screen adjustments are volatile and are lost when you close the player. You can get back to single frequency/single SR operation from the Defaults menu on the console.

Note that all changes made using the console menu are permanent; changes made on-screen do not survive a reboot (yet - this will be provided in future).

The scanning looks on each frequency and SR for a valid signal. Once a valid signal (in fact a valid TS as detected by the longmynd software) is detected, scanning stops and that signal is displayed. Once that signal drops, the receiver stays on that frequency/SR for 5 seconds (actually a time that is configurable from the Console menu, Advanced Settings) before starting to scan again.

A typical usage would be for a repeater receiver that could scan 125, 333, 1000 and 2000 kS (with a 20 second cycle time). Note that if you scan 4 frequencies as well the cycle time goes up to 80 seconds.

Thanks to Tim MW0RUD and Phil M0DNY for the updated software and to Mike G0MJW, Colin G4KLB, Ian G8XZD and Noel G8GTZ for beta testing.

There are lots more features to come - all current issues are listed here

Please report any bugs here.

Dave, G8GKQ

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