Portsdown and 5.6 for sale

Items for sale here please
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Portsdown and 5.6 for sale

Post by G0CHK » Thu Jun 11, 2020 8:43 am

Due to increasing infirmities I have decided to dispose of my Portsdown and 5.6 tv attempts. Apart from anything else I can’t the piddly components.
So I am inviting offers for all or some of the following components which save for the antennas and microscope may be posted or collected from PO18 8BE. Except for a couple of PCBs all are new/ unused.
This will save my XYL having to dispose of stuff when I am SK.
Please use email as I can’t cope (or usually find) my phone.
bobandsusan@bobkerby.plus.com Analogue Bob G0CHK

7 inch screen
Mount for 7ins screen
Waveshare screen Rasp Pi 3.2 Model B
Waveshare screen Rasp Pi 3 Model B
Rasp Pi Camera V2 8MP
Rasp Pi 3B 1gb
Rasp Pi 2B 1gb
Rasp Pi 5.1V 2.5A PSU
Lime SDR Mini
Micro SDHC cards for Busto and Stretch
Filter board in original sealed packaging
Video DVR
All the PCBs for the Portsdown some populated others not
Some 0805 components for the above.

2 antennas intended for 5.6, one square (in plastic wrapping) one large 2 piece mesh both with mounting gear
RC 832 AV RX
5.8GHz amp
2 of TS 5828
X35-06B amp
TS352 wireless TX

Brunel bi-scopic microscope in fitted case (as new condition).

I'll email pictures if requested. I can't seem to paste them here.

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Re: Portsdown and 5.6 for sale

Post by Wurlytech+ » Fri Jul 03, 2020 8:29 pm


As a recent member (lapsed!), I am not sure of the cost of parts for the various projects - hence this message.
I am contemplating building the Portsdown and would appreciate knowing how much you were asking for the Portsdown items you are selling?

Know what you mean about the small components. I was last active on atv in the early 80's using home built Wood and Douglas kits (still have the tx strip for some reason!) - much simpler to use, though it took up most of the 70cm band! Will have to get used to this digital age though!


David G0BIE

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Re: Portsdown and 5.6 for sale

Post by Wurlytech+ » Fri Jul 03, 2020 9:58 pm

Sorry - should have said my email is:


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