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TV camera museum disosal list

Post by G8GQS » Sat Oct 05, 2019 9:45 am

As you know the TVcameramuseum is supported by my/our physical collection. The amount of “stuff” has now grown to be unmanageable so there is going to be some thinning out where there are several duplicates.

This has a number of advantages:-
1. It makes some space so I can work!
2. I will be able to widen the collection (using the space created??)
3. By dispersing some items it helps to preserve them against disaster.
4. Income that can be used to run the museum & possible buy items.

All these are collect only or meet by arrangement Items:-
A. Marconi Mk IX colour studio camera, see attachment.
B. Barco 14” colour monitor ex MCR21 was working when last powered.
C. Long length of Hitachi camera cable (proceeds go to MCR21 funds)
D. Very Long Scart cable (proceeds go to MCR21 funds)
E. Very Long VGA cable (proceeds go to MCR21 funds)
F. Set of “on site video & audio” extension boxes using Hitachi camera cable. (proceeds go to MCR21 funds)
G. Klark Teknix DN410 dual parametric equaliser. Very sought after £300++ on eBay offers? (proceeds go to MCR21 funds)

Item F comprises a break in box, connectors, Long Cable, and break out box. These are nicely made and need a new home. Two sets available. See picture. The break-in box looks much like the break out box. £20 per set which is probably less than the copper value of the cable!

If there is no interest they will go on eBay on Monday.

Brian Summers
Virtual Museum of the Broadcast TV Camera

New:- Mailing list see ...
Phone (+44) 01276677879
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Regards Brian

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