Support boss for lnb

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Support boss for lnb

Post by sean2e0saf » Wed Oct 02, 2019 2:14 pm

Offered here a lnb prime focus lnb adaptor
Or spider clamp

Exactly the same one in pics (no lnb included..! )

It is brand new unused.
Gotta be £25 inc post ... mmfeedboss

Primesat feed support boss (No 2) for
the 60mm necks of C Band LNBs.

C Band LNB with feed support boss C Band LNB with feed support boss

C Band LNB with feed support boss C Band LNB with feed support boss

Feed support boss only. Feedhorn / LNB not included. The Primesat feed support boss (No 2) has longer bolts
for 60mm necks. If your prime focus dish has a Ku band feed support boss and will not adjust to a
60mm neck, this option is available. The 3 arms can be bolted to this feed support boss
and the C Band LNB will then fit. The support boss has two angles to choose from as far as interfacing
with the rods on your dish. Usually the shallower angle holes would be used with larger dishes. With
this support boss, a c band feedhorn can be fitted any prime focus dish that uses 3 arms although
the bolts at the ends of the rods may need to be altered to suit the size of the holes in the boss.
23cms AATV from io83qn ( wn68ns )
23cms DATV from i083qn ( wn68ns )
70cms DATV from io83qn ( wn68ns )

wimo shf-2344
parabeam 70cms/18ele

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