4m LFA antenna - wideband for TV

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4m LFA antenna - wideband for TV

Post by G3WIE » Sat Mar 09, 2019 3:52 pm

I made this in 2016 to dimensions given me by G0KSC (a 4el LFA is not on his website). The included boom clamp permits the antenna to be swivelled on its axis for horizontal or vertical polarisation. The boom has a rotating extension beyond the reflector so the feeder can drop down behind the antenna and not upset the vertical radiation pattern. For vertical use you should use an insulating pole in the vicinity of the beam for the same reason.

It comes complete with a short piece of cable terminated in a N female connector with a feedline choke made from the correct grade of ferrite for 4m. The boom is 2.3m long, the reflector is 2.1m long. It's currently dismantled ready for transport

It's given me good service. On FM/vertical I got good reports over 50km; on SSB I've worked up to the N Yorks Moors from my QTH 12m ASL. My home noise level has risen inexorably and I've migrated to 23cm. The bandwidth for 1.5:1 SWR is about 2MHz.

The antenna is located in Southampton. I'm asking £65 (which was the cost of the materials) and the buyer should ideally collect, or I could meet part way in a motorway service station (eg Fleet) for the cost of a couple of gallons of petrol (eg £10). I expect to be at the Wildhern and Newbury rallies and could bring it along at no cost.


Chris G3WIE
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