DVB-T Tx/Rx Bridge + DVB-T Camera

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DVB-T Tx/Rx Bridge + DVB-T Camera

Post by G4ZCN » Thu Jan 31, 2019 9:41 pm

More unused, now surplus DATV DVB-T TV equipment.

HIDES BR-100E DTV Bridge v1-
Basically, the BR-100E receives a DVB-T channel, demodulates it to transport
stream (TS), re-modulates to DVB-T, and transmits to a new DVB-T channel.
BR-100E has built-in 31-way PID filters and PCR re-stamp.

HIDES DC-101 v2- HD camera / Tx. Transmits from 50-950Mhz + 1200-1350Mhz.
RF power 50-950Mhz 0dBm - 1200-1350Mhz -20dBm.
User programmable, complete with instructions.

Full user instructions/ manuals are on usb stick, units are untested but as new, been in a box under the bench far too long.Further information / pictures of items can be provided.

Will accept £160 for the pair including postage to a UK address.
E: b.grylls@ntlworld.com


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