G4BAO 70/23cm driver kits Update #2

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G4BAO 70/23cm driver kits Update #2

Post by g4bao » Tue Jul 05, 2022 12:09 pm

Here is the definitive "state of the kits" report as of today. All kits will only be shipped to UK.

I have 4 complete kits left, ready to ship from Friday.
These will be the last kits as the device is no longer available, (unless you want to pay £23 each from a Chinese supplier on EBay) - (Do your own search for PD85004)

Once these are gone, the remaining blank PCBs will be available on receipt of £5 and a sturdy, , self-addressed envelope with a suitable stamp, to my address as per QRZ.com

I have 10 complete kits ready to ship from Friday.
I have a source of devices and plenty of PCBs but will only order more devices once these 10 are gone.


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