G4BAO driver amps for 23 and 70cm available again

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G4BAO driver amps for 23 and 70cm available again

Post by g4bao » Wed Jun 29, 2022 2:00 pm

The LDMOS device PD85004 as used in my 70 and 23cm 3W driver board kits is now obsolete and no stock has been available anywhere for around 2 years.

I now have around 15 devices remaining so order the 23cm boards while you can. Ordering details and price unchanged from 2019, but note I am only accepting Paypal payments and only shipping to the UK.

I have a working design for 70cm using an alternative device in the same package, with just a few minor changes to the design.
The new device is just not capable of operating at 23cm with any significant gain or output power, and have been unable to find a suitable replacement, so that design is now officially withdrawn and unavailable.
Once I have exhausted the PCBs for the 70cm kit that will also be "retired"

I will put the kit info on Github with my other "retired" designs in due course. The new device has slightly lower gain than the old device at 70cm, requiring around +14dBm (without the 3dB input attenuator) to produce 3 Watts Psat.

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