Sell various components

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Sell various components

Post by F1BFU » Fri Mar 06, 2020 4:51 pm

Following project abandonment I sell the following components:

Transceiver Lime SDR Mini
Module FT-2232H-mini_module programmé BATC
Module FT-2232H virgin
PCB LNB Power for Dual Minitiouner Rev 2.1
PCB LNB Bias-T and Reference injection
PCB ADF 435x controller
PCB 8 band decode V2.1
PCB RF-Switch
PCB Filter Modulator V2
PCB Minitiouner v2.0 (F6DZP)
PCB 8 band RF switch V2.2
PCB LO Filter
SDR/Filter-Mod RF SWITCH V1.0
PCB Band Decode

price list on request
Gilles F1BFU /FR

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