ATV equipment (digital) for disposal (FOC??)

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ATV equipment (digital) for disposal (FOC??)

Post by G8GQS » Wed Dec 27, 2017 10:05 am

Pete writes:-

One of my colleagues, Alistair, is disposing of this kit and is looking for a home for it , if you know anyone .

contact on

Best wishes
Pete Macmillen GW6SIX

Alistair Tyne writes:-

Is the following of any interest to anybody you know. ... &style=std

I have the following modules

1x ... &style=std

2x ... &style=std

2x ... &style=std

2x ... &style=std

1x ... &style=std

1x ... &style=std

We bought it for the Cable TV network in Newtown as an experiment to generate our own DVB-T multiplexes for testing.

It’s all in a box, and cost about £2500 at the time. I now have no need for it and it would be a real shame if it where to get skipped

Post placed by Brian Summers Dec 27 2017.
Regards Brian

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Re: ATV equipment (digital) for disposal (FOC??)

Post by g8cpf » Wed Dec 27, 2017 3:04 pm

WOW! .... surely this ought to become BATC property.... to be loanable for experimental use...

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