error on Langstone

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Re: error on Langstone

Post by g4eml » Mon Jun 10, 2024 9:47 am

Langstone doesn't need any special firmware. It will work with the standard Pluto.

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Re: error on Langstone

Post by G1INU » Mon Jun 10, 2024 11:11 am

Pa3fbx wrote:
Mon Jun 10, 2024 9:31 am
I understand your using a original Pluto.
Shouldn't it be flashed with a F5OEO firmware?
Or is Langstone also capable using a clean new AD firmware.

IF and it is a BIG IF, but If I understand this whole Portsdown 4 / Langstone thing correctly, then the Langstone is only for 'normal' Narrow Band voice communication via the Pluto and as such will work with the standard firmware. The F5OEO firmware is only required when you are going to use the Pluto for DATV, in which case when the Pluto has the F5OEO firmware it will do either standard voice communication or DATV.

All that said, whilst I have been using the Pluto devices on QO-100 SSB Voice for some time using SDR Console I am completely new to Portsdown and Langstone so may have it completely wrong :shock: :lol:
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Re: error on Langstone

Post by radiogareth » Mon Jun 10, 2024 11:34 am

It gets complicated....
If you want to use DATV on the Portsdown (its main puropose although there is a whole suite of very useful test gear wrapped up in it too) the Pluto MUST have the 'for the brave' firmware installed (details in Wiki).
The same 'for the brave' firmware works fine with Langstone too, yes its for NB modes only
If you wish to use the Pluto with FreestreamCoder/DATV_Easy there are multiple versions of firmware and other than having one Pluto with the 0303 firmware I am also lost. Then there is DATVRed which does even more, but I have not ventured any where near that yet.
But the PD4/Pluto just works, this weekend gone I used 3 PD4's to work DATV on 7 bands. Well, 6.5 bands really as I had to use something else to produce DATV on 5.7GHz, a mini laptop driving a Pluto but the RX was all done with Portsdowns.
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Re: error on Langstone

Post by Pa3fbx » Tue Jun 11, 2024 7:04 am

So Yes we have confirmation Langstone work with original analog devices firmware on the pluto.
And to use the Portsdown suite where Langstone is part of, you need "for the brave" firmware made by F5OEO.
Forget the rest if your not going to use the Pluto on a Windows PC because then it gets really complex.
At least out of the scope of Portsdown and Langstone..


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