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Post by radiogareth » Sun Nov 12, 2023 10:25 am

I have had great results from old Hands-free car phone mics, the earlier models in a 'clip onto your sun visor' black plastic box, about 1.5" square. They do need a 5V ghost feed though, which means they don't work with the Portsdown/Langstone Dongle which only has around 3 volts on the mic. Should be easy enough to add another DC blocking cap and take a genuine 5V off the USB dongle feed.
Another option might be a 'modern' speech processor, in the mid-2000's I built a little SM kit that fitted into the hand mic on my FT817. It certainly works, but makes the speech very 'breathy' according to reports. CHip is probably obsolete now and I can't find the kit info. Another option might be the SOTA speech compressor, not tried, but there are lots of reviews on the www.

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