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HamTV Malfunctioning - Next steps from ARISS

Posted: Fri May 11, 2018 11:56 am
by Phil M0DNY
Hi All,

The HamTV Transmitter is switched on, but nobody has received any RF on any of the downlink channels since ~6th April.

Kenneth N5VHO has prepared a process for the Crew to check the transmitter, currently pending NASA approval. Due to existing activities this will likely not take place until ~3 weeks from now.

If the Transmitter cannot be started up, it will be attempted to have it downloaded, repaired and up-massed again. This will require approval from ESA, although repairs without modification would not require a new flight certification process for the hardware. Due to the scheduling of downloading and upmassing this may take several months at least.

Further updates will be posted as we get them.