Locator: IO92GQ
Replacing the IO92GQ internet-only repeater
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Post by G8DKC » Tue Mar 13, 2018 10:38 pm

The GB3GQ Nov for home QTH came through last week, the present location is challenging.

Transmit 3.408Ghz Receive 2.440Ghz

Hope to have 5.665Mhz 437Mhz etc. in the future.

Stream is running at the moment, will need some Repeater Tx on times, plus Tx on valid video in for the rest.

Restricted to battery power from solar panels and generator charging especially in the winter.

Steadily putting 3.4Ghz kit together.

Have the usual mixers oscillators filters to play with, Ionica PAs plus the SM3437-43L-1Q 20-25 Watts, with the Purple heatsink.

Keeping eye out for better location (also with mains electricity), rather than waiting till I found one, life's to short for that.



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