Website migration next week!

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Website migration next week!

Post by g8gtz » Sat May 19, 2018 8:51 pm

We are finally ready to launch our new website! Note this only affects the main BATC website which will remain on the same URL at – the forum and wiki will remain unchanged and the streamer facilities will be upgraded in a few weeks time.

The migration will happen during next week and in order to start the process the BATC shop will closed from 9am next Monday 21st May – it will re-open on the new web site once the changeover is complete.

The current website, apart from the shop, will still be available until the point of switch over when it will be replaced with the new site on the same URL so there is no need to update your bookmarks etc. All membership data is being transferred to the new site, including your log on user name, EXCEPT your password which must be reset before you can access the new site. Once the changeover is complete you will receive an email from BATC to let you know that new site is operational and with a link which you can use to request a new password.

The new website is easier to use and has the new BATC video streamer integrated in to it. The new streamer is fully working and on your membership summary page on the new site you will find your personal streaming channel details – please feel free to use the facility! Once we are happy the website and members database migration is complete we will be migrating all streaming channels, including repeaters on to the new streamer. The new streamer has a much higher resolution player and will allow flash and HTML5 streaming, however you will need to change the stream name and RTMP URL of your encoder.

We will be documenting on how to use the new website on the BATC wiki here: Unfortunately due to lack of time and resource the documentation has not been started but we will add to this page as we gain experience during the next few weeks – please let us know if you would like to volunteer to help with this.

This is a very big step for BATC and we would welcome your patience in dealing with any queries you may have!

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