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GB3FT is a proposed 23cm DATV repeater for the Fylde coast
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Post by G4WIM » Tue Dec 26, 2017 10:21 pm

The NoV is still pending for GB3FT but we now have an NoV for GB3FB which is a 9cm repeater. So with a few mods to the GB3FT hardware as detailed below, GB3FB is taking to the air very shortly, the info below also applies to GB3FB which transmits on 3404MHz.

Ft and FB are both located at IO83LU.


GB3FT is a 24cm TV repeater with an input frequency of 1249MHz. The input signal can be either analog FM (PAL) or 2Msps digital MPEG2 H262

It also has an auxilliary receiver listening on 146.5MHz at 333ksps H264, horizontal beaming SSE from Blackpool whose output is also streamed to the vivadatv.org website

The output frequency is 1315MHz at 2Msps with an FEC of 2/3 and is also streamed on the BATC website.

GB3FT is using clause 10 (personal beacon) of G3WGU license with DTMF remote control.

GB3FB which is fully licensed is co-located with GB3FT and shares the same receivers. GB3FB will be operational on 3.404GHz tx at 2Msps and FEC 2/3 (same as GB3FT) and have an additional 2440MHz rx by the end of 2017.

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