Looking for info on Ikegami 323

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Looking for info on Ikegami 323

Post by ontheair » Thu May 01, 2008 8:09 am

I am looking for a manual for the Ikegami 323 studio camera. I have several heads and CCUs (triax), some are ex Granada and 2 (well, one and a half) are ex BBC (Glasgow /Leeds). I have managed to get the manuals for the CCU and the 323P heads, but although the studio heads are pretty similar design wise there is as good as no similarity between the boards etc.

One has suddenly decided it won't work on the triax, still runs if locally powered, no LEDs on head power control card (CCU) light, another cam works OK so is not a CCU or cable problem. I know the CCU needs to see several conditions at the end of the cable before it will play ball, eg low volts between screens, some kind of RF sent back from the head etc, but it won't even light the cable connected LED on the head. I have tried swapping the whole Triax adaptor, the 2 units at the top by the B tube, and the main PSU block all to no avail. I would like to buy or even borrow a manual for the head as the triax and PSU sections are way different from the portable version- for a start the P version has 12v ext. power and the studio head has mains. Or any suggestions would be welcome.

I have also got one with a Schnieder lens which has a servo problem, both zoom and focus servos crash to one end on power up and nothing will stop them. I have a manual on the lens as fitted to a different camera, have proved the servomodule units OK by substitution both ways, have checked rails are OK and even changed a chip on the main lens board. Still the same. Any ideas?
I would like to buy another Schnieder lens, there must be one somewhere as I got 2 ex BBC GW heads but only one lens, I think a lot of people know these cameras, they have been round in circles already but I got a pretty mixed bag of odds and ends when I bought them and still think some of the bits may be from different cameras, lenses or whatever so I might be trying to make a silk purse out of 2 different sow's ears.
I am interested in buying any Ikegami related stuff as I also have a bunch of HL79s and you can never have too many spare heads, CCUs etc, (although wives, psychiatrists etc.may disagree).

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Re: Looking for info on Ikegami 323

Post by Bigglez » Tue Sep 09, 2008 1:17 am

ontheair wrote:I am looking for a manual for the Ikegami 323 studio camera.
I'm an Ikegami fan and have several HK323 camera chains in storage. I have a couple of
factory manuals, but there were two different pick-up tube versions of the studio camera
heads. MS and MM - MagneticStatic and MagneticMagnetic. Which do you have?

I may be able to help you with your project, but as I'm in NTSC land (California) shipping
will be an expensive problem.

Sorry for the late posting - just discovered this forum.
Peter J. Stonard

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Re: Looking for info on Ikegami 323

Post by Examp » Wed Mar 25, 2009 3:33 am

I know this is very old, but I only just signed in for the board. (When I am trying to find info, years go by before I find it some times)

Did you ever get the Triax info you need, I do have a manual for the triax unit.

Regards, Kevin

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