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Broadcast modules for 70Cm's

Posted: Sun Jan 19, 2020 7:17 pm
by G3PTU
These will be getting thin on the ground now, But they do come up at rallies every so often. L.G.T. Paris now part of Thompson, made series of Rf modules that where used in (manly) the original I.T.V. UHF transporter stations. They all model number like 431/xxx. The supply requirement is 28Volts, modules ranging from 7db (1watt)- 16db (0.5watt) to higher power 7 db (5watt) versions; plus a mixer module. All can be identified by big heat sinks on one side. The circuit configuration is push pull on all of them These work very well on digital modes. Beware there where 3 variants, Band IV ( some are still working down at 146Mhz), V ( not much good as we do not have the 33cm band) and broadband. I have the details on these if anybody needs it. Worth looking out for at rallies and the like.