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Early CCD camera History

Posted: Tue Mar 12, 2019 11:58 am
by G8GQS
I'm looking for information on the very early development of the CCD TV camera.

Whilst this is some distance from the usual postings this forum has a wide and knowledgeable readership who may be able to help.

The first camera that had a performance good enough to be offered as a broadcast camera was the RCA CCD-1 introduced in 1983. This is fairly well documented and it is it's predecessors that I need information for.

The history of CCD Charge coupled devices goes back to 1969 and there is a history synopsis on Wikipedia. I wish to document the developmental TV cameras. I have made a start on this, see with cameras by Bell Labs, Fairchild, RCA and others.

Information, dates, pictures. specifications, documentation etc are what is needed.