Early EMI camera, info sought

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Early EMI camera, info sought

Post by G8GQS » Fri Aug 21, 2009 7:05 pm


I have acquired this early version of the EMI 201 vidicon camera. I think it may even have been a prototype. It is the wrong colour, the production cameras being Green and light Green. It is also in very poor condition and has no electronics at all left in it!

My question is when did EMI stop using the roundel version of the logo? The production versions of the EMI 201 have the rectangular logo with red letters. The production versions of the 201 were on sale in c. 1959.

I would also be interested if anyone has any knowledge of this camera in it's half century of existence?

I now have three EMI 201 cameras in the collection, but not enough bit between them to make even one complete.

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early EMI 201
early EMI 201
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the roundel
the roundel
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