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TV Camera Museum Mail List

Post by G8GQS » Mon Mar 21, 2016 9:48 am

Hi All

For some time I have been considering how to improve the communication between all the camera and OB enthusiasts and friends of the Museum that I know.

I could just email everybody with each item of news, but that would be quite unsatisfactory, to say nothing of the work involved.

So I have set up a mailing list reflector system, it works like this :-

You subscribe to the service and your application is approved. (stops posters of junk mail).

You then receive a copy of the postings to the email service. You can reply/post or not as you wish.

Your email address is private until you post and as the system is based on the TVcameramuseum site there is no involvement of the big intrusive players.

I hope that subscribers will use it for the exchange of information, knowledge, maintenance & preservation tips, sales, wants, and the like.

Join, Here its free and you can unsubscribe at any time:- ...

This mail information exchange service is for Broadcast Camera collectors and Outside Broadcast enthusiasts.

It is provided by the Museum of the Broadcast TV Camera.

One last point, for this to work, people will have to join or it will fail.

Finally may I offer my thanks all those who have contributed to the museum.

Brian Summers March 2016

© 2016Museum of the Broadcast Television Camera. Contact details on web site home page.
We are always looking for items to add to the museum's display and reference library -
please advise if you have anything we can use.
Regards Brian

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Re: TV Camera Museum Mail List

Post by PaulM » Mon Mar 21, 2016 8:01 pm


This is a great idea - it's been floated by several people - but it really needs to be run as a 'stand alone' entity.

With the best will in the world - and I'm trying to be gentle here (!) - you're don't run a real museum. You have a website, a collection and take a camera out a few times a year. Real museums are open at least by appointment and have things to show a visiting 'public'. Dicky and I are often showing visitors around 'by appointment' and my trucks and cameras go to several shows a year. From time to time I say that we are a 'living museum' with so much more working kit than possibly anywhere else in the world, but it's still not a 'real' museum. OK, we also operate a 'commercial arm' but that's needed to help pay for this fairly major operation.

If you can make this a group effort then I think you will have supporters, but this could only work as it stands if you became a 'real' museum with premises and 'open'.

Just my take, but I think that many others will take the same view.

Best regards,

Paul M

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Re: TV Camera Museum Mail List

Post by G8GQS » Mon Apr 04, 2016 10:00 am

Hi Paul,

It is indeed "a great idea" and I have discussed it with a number of people before launching it, and it would be even better if it was a group project. However someone has to start it and that is were we are. The software has provision for a number of administrators and moderators as required and I hope that others will step forward to help.

There are lots of Google and Yahoo type mailing lists, but there are disadvantages with these, adverts, limits, concerns over privacy. So hosting it on the same severs as my camera museum website with open source software, ensures control and privacy. It is currently funded by me within the cost of my hosting package. There are no "free lunches".

As regards your comments about not being a real Museum, you are largely correct, but I do as best I can within the limits of what is practical and affordable. I would love to have a set up with real premises and a permanent open display, however this is just not viable. All around Museums large and small are really struggling, often selling off their collections to clear debts and closing. I would point to the experiences of Steve Harris as recently published in the BVWS journal.

Perhaps in the fullness of time others will come forward to help, I look at the Vintage Wireless Museum in Dulwich as a model. But for now the website is the only option, and yes I do have visitors to look round by appointment, two last month.

I have mixed views about "working Museums" Some items can be made to work and are of great interest, but others are best preserved as they are for the future. You must beware of the "This in my Great Grandfathers Axe, it's only had 4 new handles and a new head". Future historians will look back on our work, often with the wholesale replacement of components, with dismay as the originality is destroyed.

Finally; Camera collectors and OB enthusiast are geographically spread out in the UK and around the world, and the CameraTalkback list is a way of improving communications, so I would encourage all to join. If sufficient membership numbers can be achieved to reach some sort of critical mass, I would be more than happy to pass control to a "Group" but it has to start somewhere.

I have written more than I intended, sorry.

Brian S
Regards Brian

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