Minitioune V0.8s for all MiniTiouners or MiniTiouners-PRO

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Re: Minitioune V0.8s for all MiniTiouners or MiniTiouners-PRO

Post by g8gtz » Thu Jul 05, 2018 5:19 pm

I've updated the wiki with the modification. ... 8_software

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Re: Minitioune V0.8s for all MiniTiouners or MiniTiouners-PRO

Post by KenW6HHC » Sun Jul 15, 2018 2:22 pm

I have not heard back from Jean-Pierre yet, but I have made some progress creating a new “decod Mpeg2MPA.grf” file to make a “LAV filters suggestion template” for WinOS running the MiniTioune v0.8s software.

It turns out that Art WA8RMC recently ran into the same problem where the video was very “jerky” (low FPS rate maybe <1 FPS) while testing two of his 64-bit computers with MiniTioune v0.8s software. Upon creating a Newdecod Mpeg2MPA.grf file, Art confirmed that the GRAPH file contained a Microsoft DTV-DVD Video Decoder filter and NOT the desired LAV video filter (see Figure 19 in latest MiniTioune-Express User Guide). The basic steps to resolve the problem and end up using LAV filters was:

1) Without any decod Mpeg2MPA.grf file in your folder, set the MiniTioune .ini file
[Directshow_Graph] settings to

2) Start up MiniTiouner-Express and MiniTioune and verify “Newdecod Mpeg2MPA.grf” file has been created. Use the GraphStudioNext software tool to open and display the Directshow_Graph file just created.

3) If Newdecod Mpeg2MPA.grf looks like Figure 19, then modify this file using GraphStudioNext software to look like Figure 17 in order to “suggest” using LAV filters to Windows OS. . Now save the modified Newdecod Mpeg2MPA.grf file as a new “decod Mpeg2MPA.grf” file and change the .ini file
[Directshow_Graph] settings to

4) Again start up MiniTiouner-Express and MiniTioune and now verify the
“Newdecod Mpeg2MPA.grf” file now contains LAV Video filter.

I think the above procedure works. Let me know if you have any corrections or comments.

73…de Ken W6HHC

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