PCB for MiniTiounerPro based on F6DZP

Discussion about the MiniTiouner board and the MiniTiouner Digital ATV Receive Software. See also http://www.vivadatv.org/index.php
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PCB for MiniTiounerPro based on F6DZP

Post by DG8KD » Thu Apr 20, 2017 1:01 pm

I used my holidays to create a quick & dirty version of the PCB for MiniTiounerPro based on the scheme of Jean-Pierre, F6DZP.
If the PCB has no faults, both tuners should work at the same time using two FT2232H-modules.
The power supply will be handled on a seperated board.

This is NOT the version that was introduced last night by F6DZP and F1TE......
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