2.4m dish UK supplier

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2.4m dish UK supplier

Post by zg3409 » Sun Aug 21, 2016 7:09 pm

For es hail sat the dish size for DATV is 2.4m. I came across a low cost dish supplier in the UK.
(They also sell 1.8m dish)

It is available via this link
Price is around UK200
Phone 01482 227523

Note a matching feed would be required and to get a feed, you would need to know the f/d of the dish, which is not listed. It might be 0.38. This would need to be calculated or read from the manual. Feed could easily be an extra 100 UK pounds.
This may be a similar dish with similar specifications:
http://www.sadoun.com/Sat/Products/Fort ... ntenna.htm (also see photos)
and here:
http://www.wsidigital.com/240cm-2_4m-2_ ... e-dish.htm

Note a dish this large is only needed for TRANSMIT not reception and then ONLY if you want to broadcast a full 8Mhz wide signal and then you may also need 100 watt output power (using an amplifier rated at least 400W FM on 2.4Ghz). However in the real world we expect HAMS to use narrow bandwidth, so a smaller dish may be OK. Also once the satellite is in place we may get away with smaller dishes. The specifications are conservative and they will ask anyone uplinking to use MINIMUM power as high power uplinks may interfere with other stations uplinking as the AGC on the satellite may automatically reduce the sensitivity of the receiver on the satellite.

I am a bit worried about the quality of this dish, in particular during typical UK storms. Also due to its size ground mounting is probably the only option. Aligning the dish using 10Ghz receive will be very difficult due to the narrow beam width at 10Ghz. Professional help may be needed. To see if you can ground mount it without being obstructed I use this site:

Input your EXACT street address and move the pointer to your exact garden. Then select the closest satellite to es hailsat ( 25.5 degrees East.) 25.6 East. Then it will display a line showing the signal direction. Check for trees and buildings in the way. Also look at the elevation angle. You can use this to see if the signal will go over walls etc. You can also set up a small dish at the position and receive TV from nearby satellites. There are also apps for smartphones which use augmented reality to overlay the satellite on the phone screen. These are useful to see what position in the garden will work.


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