GB3ET On Air in ** Beacon Mode **

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Re: GB3ET On Air in ** Beacon Mode **

Post by G8DKC » Sun Oct 13, 2019 9:50 pm

Hi Dave,

John just email about your post...

Thanks for all the reports, we are staying near John's QTH on Narrowboat, and drove up to home QTH today and picked up mail, inc CQTV.
and saw the Portsdown-longmyndd articles, must have a go, great to see it working :)

Home is about 40 miles north of ET at end of M42 near Measham, took up a Sat-Link and preamp.
Quick test with 20ft pole short Yagi, no luck, bit of a rise in path 3 miles away but not the ideal weather conditions!

Will sort out station when we get back to mooring...


Peter & John

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