CQ-TV 265 is ready for download

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CQ-TV 265 is ready for download

Post by g8gtz » Fri Sep 20, 2019 5:11 pm

BATC members can now download their electronic copy of CQ-TV 265 from the BATC website at https://batc.org.uk/cq-tv/cq-tv-download/ . You will need to be logged in to the website to access this page. If you have not already visited the website, you will need to do a password reset before you can access the CQ-TV page - simply follow the instructions on this page https://wiki.batc.org.uk/Resetting_your_password

In this bumper edition you will find the exciting news of the Long Mynd receiver project - now you can plug your MiniTiouner hardware in to your Portsdown Raspberrry PI and you've got a one box DATV transceiver solution!

If you have blown up the inductors on your Serit tuner you will be interested in G4KLB's RT5047 project which provides current limiting for the LNA outputs and Jim G7NTG describes his 2.4GHz 250 watt PA for Oscar100. There's the June IARU contest results and good news about the 144 MHz band but a more worrying update on 23cms.

And finally to celebrate 70 years of BATC, Turning Back The Pages has a fascinating history of CQ-TV starting at issue 1 - and don't forget all the back issues are available on the BATC website. https://batc.org.uk/cq-tv/cq-tv-archive/

In response to requests from our members the copy available for download from the webpage is a high resolution version at approximately 28Mb. If due to limited broadband speed, you need a smaller, lower resolution version, send an email to admin@batc.tv and we will send you a link to a 5Mb version.

The printed version of CQ-TV 265, in full colour on high quality gloss paper, will be dispatched by Friday October 4th to those members who subscribe to the printed magazine. If you currently don't receive the printed version, why not consider upgrading when you next renew your subscription.

We hope you enjoy this high quality, packed issue of CQ-TV and we really, really ,really would love to have some feedback from you - a lot of effort goes in to producing it and it sometimes feels we push it off out in to the ether and never know what you think about it - or if you even got it!

The BATC team

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Re: CQ-TV 265 is ready for download

Post by M0DHP » Fri Sep 20, 2019 6:30 pm

Excellent issue, Noel. I've already speed-read the LongMynd articles from Heather HMO and Dave GKQ, and downloaded the software to try.

Is there going to be a dedicated forum section for LongMynd?


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Re: CQ-TV 265 is ready for download

Post by G8GKQ » Fri Sep 20, 2019 8:33 pm

I hope to have the integrated Portsdown/LongMynd software ready for download in a few days. In final testing at present.


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Re: CQ-TV 265 is ready for download

Post by radiogareth » Fri Sep 20, 2019 9:08 pm

Another lovely interesting issue :-)
Just HOW MUCH can a RPi do!!
Great work by everyone involved, much appreciated....
Gareth G4XAT

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Re: CQ-TV 265 is ready for download

Post by F1BFU » Sat Sep 21, 2019 12:44 pm

Hello all team members

This new issue of CQ-TV is a treat. It allows us to see that the Porstdown project is a very active project that is only progressing.
The article on the Long Mind software is a great success. I thank Heather Lomond M0HMO for this fabulous job to have the reception incorporated in the Porstdown.
Excellent too, the LNB power supply with current limit for the MiniTiouner by Colin G4KLB.
An excellent article on the PA controller by Tim Forrester G4WIM with always the provision of PCBs in the BATC shop.
And of course Dave Crump G8GKQ's wonderful articles allow us to anticipate the future of the Postdown project (Jetson NanoBox and LimeNet Micro)

Finally a big thank you to the team that works to advance this beautiful project.

Gilles F1BFU /Fr

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Re: CQ-TV 265 is ready for download

Post by g8gtz » Fri Oct 04, 2019 2:28 pm

378 printed copies of CQ-TV were just delivered to the Post Office - they should be with you early next week.

Enjoy - it looks great in full colour!

Noel - G8GTZ

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Re: CQ-TV 265 is ready for download

Post by G4NRT » Sat Oct 05, 2019 9:55 am

Having just received my first printed magazine this morning (I have upgraded from Electronic to Full membership), I have to say that the printed one is so worth the modest extra cost. Bravo Zulu to all involved in its production.

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