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CQ-TV 264 ready for download

Posted: Fri Jun 28, 2019 8:45 am
by g8gtz
The electronic copy of CQ-TV 264 is available for download on the BATC website at . You will need to be logged in to the website to access this page. If you have not already visited the new website, you will need to do a password reset before you can access the CQ-TV page - simply follow the instructions on this page

In CQ-TV 264 there's news of the recent IRAU contest and BATC activity days, including the 24GHz DATV record being broken twice last month and details of the new BATC Low Band contest to be held in September. There's also an update on the BATC shop including why you need to be a BATC member to use the shop.

Dave, G8GKQ, covers the no-soldering transmit solution for DATV using only a Rpi,touch screen and LimeSDR mini and there news of an add on PCB for the BATC MiniTiouner which enables reception of 2 channels at the same time. Ian, G3KKD, describes a high Q filter for 23cms and John, G0ATW, has designed a sync detector for analogue video for under £5!

In response to requests from our members the copy available for download from the webpage is a high resolution version at approximately 28Mb. If due to limited broadband speed, you need a smaller, lower resolution version, send an email to and we will send you a link to a 5Mb version.

The printed version of CQ-TV 264, in full colour on high quality gloss paper, will be dispatched in approximately 2 week's time to those members who subscribe to the printed magazine. If you currently don't receive the printed version, why not consider upgrading when you next renew your subscription.

We hope you enjoy this high quality, packed issue of CQ-TV and we'd love to have some feedback from you on the members forum.