CQ-TV 255 email to BT addresses

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CQ-TV 255 email to BT addresses

Post by g8gtz » Mon Mar 27, 2017 2:58 pm

It looks like BT took exception to our email server and has bounced a number of CQ-TV 255 deployment emails.

I'm gradually resending them but in the meantime the contents of the email is below and you can log in to the main BATC wbesite and download the magazine from https://batc.org.uk/members/cqtv.php
Note - as part of the web development in future we will be using mailchimp for any email to all our members.
Dear member,

CQ-TV 255 is ready for download, as well as some excellent articles, on page 29 there is an important update on the changes we are making to our websites - it is important that you read this as it is likely to affect the way you log in to the main BATC website and shop and the members forum. We will try to keep the migration as smooth as possible but would appreciate your understanding if things don't go quite as planned.

In this issue, we have an update on progress with the Portsdown project, which seems to have really caught people's imagination and encouraged them to get back in the shack and start making things again. Over 100 members have bought components from the BATC and in this issue there is an excellent article from Mike, G8CPF, on his experiences with the project.

You will have your chance to show off your masterpiece at CAT17, which is on September 9th / 10th at Finningley Radio Club near Doncaster - it's great opportunity to meet other ATVers and we will be holding a Portsdown construction competition.

Once your Portsdown is completed all that remains is to "get on air" - we have introduced a couple of special awards for best Portsdown DX worked in the June ATV contest - and don't forget there's plenty of chance to get the gremlins out of the gear during the May activity weekend.

And thanks to the team at TxFactor we now have an excellent resource to help advertise Amateur TV. Episode 15 was filmed in Bristol 2 weeks ago and features the GB3ZZ team and also the Portsdown transmitter. So make sure you watch the video and then download it and play it at your local radio club - http://www.txfilms.co.uk/txfactor/current-show.html

Finally, don’t forget to visit the BATC wiki - https://wiki.batc.tv/BATC_Wiki - this is the reference library for the Worldwide ATV community and contains a lot of useful information and to get all the latest news visit the member’s forum or follow batconline on Facebook and Twitter.

Enjoy the read and we look forward to working you on the air and meeting up at CAT17.

Kind Regards,
The BATC Team

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