CQ-TV 249 - Call for articles please...

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CQ-TV 249 - Call for articles please...

Post by m0aeu » Thu Sep 10, 2015 6:36 pm

I will be assembling the artwork for CQ-TV249 over the next two weeks (from today, 10th September) for publication prior to the end of the month...
If you have any articles you would like published, please send them to me at editor@batc.org.uk...

If you are planning on getting something over to me for publication but it's not quite ready yet, please drop me a quick email to let me know what you have so I can reserve some space... If it's not used in this issue, I'm sure it will make the next one! The publication is a hungry mouth to feed and articles aren't held back for long, if at all!

Format: I can accommodate almost any file format (except Works!) although it's preferable to supply the text and pictures separately, as long as the pictures are logically labelled please! Pictures should be at least 1Mb in size preferably, although we can accommodate smaller images if necessary. Any queries... just shout.

Many thanks and hope to see you in print soon!
Frank, M0AEU
Editor, CQ-TV

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